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Office: WEL: 5.240
Phone: 512-471-4342

C. Grant Willson

Professor, Faculty
Professor of Chemical Engineering Rashid Engineering Regents Chair

Research Group

Willson Research Group


BS, University of California - Berkeley, 1962
MS, San Diego State University, 1969
PhD, University of California - Berkeley, 1973


Japan Prize, 2013
Inventor of the Year, The University of Texas at Austin, 2012
Fellow, Materials Research Society, 2012
Inaugaual Fellow of the American Chemical Society, 2009
ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science, 2004
Gordon E. Moore Medal, 2009
National Medal of Technology and Innovation, 2007
SEMI North America Award, 2007
Elected SPIE Fellow, 2007
TeaChE 2006 Teaching Excellence Award in Chemical Engineering, 2006
AIChE Arthur Dehon Little Award for Chemical Engineering Innovation, 2005
ACS Heroes of Chemistry Award, 2005
SPIE Frits Zernike Award, 2005


Beckman Center for the Design and Fabrication of Sensor Arrays; Microelectronics Research Center; Center for Nano- and Molecular Science and Technology; Environmental Science Institute; Texas Materials Institute

Organic Materials for Microelectronics: Polymer Synthesis, Block Copolymers, Photoresists, Photochemistry

Our research projects are chosen to provide students with an interesting, challenging, and important interdisciplinary problem that will produce new and useful knowledge. The projects are designed to provide a framework in which graduate students learn to design and carry out experiments and to report the results of their work in written and oral form. Our group webpage is the best source of detailed information about the research group and current projects. The focus of the activity is the synthesis of new organic materials with properties that are valuable for engineering applications.

Representative Publications

Bates, Christopher M.; Seshimo, Takehiro; Maher, Michael J.; Durand, William J.; Cushen, Julia D.; Dean, Leon M.; Blachut, Gregory; Ellison, Christopher J.; Willson, C. Grant “Polarity-Switching Top Coats Enable Orientation of Sub-10-nm Block Copolymer Domains,” Science 338(6108) 775 (2012)


Tang, Hao ; Deschner, Ryan; Allen, Peter; Cho, Younjin; Sermas, Patrick; Maurer, Alejandro; Ellington, Andrew D.; Willson, C. Grant “Analysis of DNA-Guided Self-Assembly of Microspheres Using Imaging Flow Cytometry,” Journal of the American Chemical Society 134(37) 15245 (2012)


Hagiwara, Yuji ; Mesch Ryan A; Kawakami Takanori; Okazaki Masahiro; Jockusch Steffen; Li Yongjun; Turro Nicholas J; Willson Carlton Grant “The Design and Synthesis of a Photo-Aromatization Based Two-Stage Photobase Generator for Pitch Division Lithography,” The Journal of Organic Chemistry (2012)


Cushen, Julia D.; Bates, Christopher M.; Rausch, Erica L.; Dean, Leon M.; Zhou, Sunshine X.; Willson, C. Grant; Ellison, Christopher J. “Thin Film Self-Assembly of Poly(trimethylsilylstyrene-b-D,L-lactide) with Sub-10 nm Domains,” Macromolecules 45(21) 8722-8728 (2012)