Contact Information

Office: WEL: 4.320
Phone: 512-471-3966

Philip D. Magnus

Professor, Faculty
R.P. Doherty Jr. – Welch Regents Chair

Research Group

Magnus Group


BSc, ., 1965
PhD, Imperial College, 1968
DSc, London University, 1982


Novartis Research Award, 1998
Robert Robinson Award of the Royal Society of Chemistry, 1996
Fellow of the Royal Society of London, 1985

Synthesis of biologically important natural products and the development of new reactions

Currently, we are working on the synthesis of the antitumor marine alkaloid diazonamide using a newly discovered phenolic ether rearrangement. The synthesis of a class of antitumor antibiotics called the rocaglates is near completion. The strategy is completely regio- and stereoselective. The alkaloid synthesis program includes saframycin, lemonomycin, galanthamine, salutaridine, daphnicyclidine A, chartelline C, cephalocyclidine and nakadomarin. All of the projects involve the development of new concise strategies, and this in course, frequently leads to the discovery of new reactions.

Representative Publications

P. Magnus and R.Turnbull "Thermal and Acid Catalyzed Hofmann-Martius Rearrangement of 3-N-Aryl-2-Oxindoles into 3-(Arylamino)-2-Oxindoles." Organic Letters 8 (2006): 3497-3499.

P. Magnus and A. Padilla "Proposed Biogenetic Origin of Secu'amamine A from Allosecurinine: A Model Study to Support the Intermediacy of the Putative Aziridinium Ion." Organic Letters 8 (2006): 3569-3571.

P. Magnus, and M. A. H. Stent "Stereospecific Synthesis of (+/-)-1,2-Anhydro Methyl Rocaglate." Organic Letters 7 (2005): 3853-3855.

F. W. Goldberg, P. Magnus and R.Turnbull "A Mild Thermal and Acid Catalyzed Rearrangement of O-Aryl Ethers into Ortho-Hydroxy Arenes." Organic Letters 7 (2005): 4531-4534.

P. Magnus and K. S. Matthews "Stereoselective Synthesis of the Tetrahydroisoquinoline Alkaloid (+/-)-Renieramycin G and a (+/-)-Lemonomycinone Analogue from a Common Intermediate." J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127 (2005): 12476-12477.